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why wouldn’t you want this face on your dash tho

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personally, one of my all time favorite photos  

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James Hetfield 1983

James Hetfield 1986

James Hetfield 1988

James Hetfield 1997

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"you’re a slytherin?? isn’t that the evil house?"

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Philippe Gourdon (via Gourdon)

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Aplentee.com has it’s first birthday during October, so we’ve decided to celebrate by running a HUGE T-SHIRT GIVEAWAY for our awesome followers on Tumblr and Facebook!!

We are giving away a total of 21 shirts here on Tumblr and the same again over on Facebook, making 42 tees altogether. Why 42? Why not? If it’s good enough to be the answer to life, the universe and everything then it’s good enough for us. So, that’s very nearly $1000 worth of FREE TEES we’re giving away!

There will be 3 winners here on Tumblr:

  • 1st Prize: 12 awesome Aplentee t-shirts
  • 2nd Prize: 6 awesome Aplentee t-shirts
  • 3rd Prize: 3 awesome Aplentee t-shirts

and it’s the same set-up over on Facebook.

So how do you enter the giveaways?

On Tumblr it’s pretty simple: 

Follow our Aplentee tumblr blog and reblog this post.

Each reblog of this post counts as an entry. 

You can reblog more than once while the giveaway is running, but please be sensible and don’t spam!

It’s just as easy over on Facebook, so make sure you enter over there as well. See this giveaway post for the details.

Both giveaways run for the whole of October and the winners will be announced at the start of November. Entrants are welcome from anywhere in the world - we ship worldwide. Winners will be announced by posts on tumblr and Facebook and all winners will be announced in our newsletter so make sure you join. We also give away ONE FREE TEE EVERY WEEK to a lucky subscriber. Subscribe here

Please also check out our other posts both here on tumblr and on  our Facebook as we give away a lot of t-shirts so you may well find another giveaway to enter.

Of course, it would be awesome if as well as entering our giveaways you bought a t-shirt or two from us! We have new designs going on sale pretty much every week and we are almost always running some sort of special offer - you can regularly get FREE SHIPPING if you buy any 3 t-shirts for example. All the shirts we currently have available can be found here in our showcase.

Good luck!

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The above video game inspired tees are just some of the t-shirts you can pick up in our ANNIVERSARY 25% OFF SALE at Aplentee.com. You’ll also get 1/2 PRICE SHIPPING or FREE SHIPPING IF YOU BUY 3 T-SHIRTS.

Simply make a purchase before 11am GMT Wednesday 15th October and use the code 1YEAR25 during checkout.

Please spread the word….

In case you haven’t seen the 42 T-SHIRT GIVEAWAY we are also running to celebrate our anniversary, please check out the post about it here.